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The smartwatch is a multi-functional technology watch with information processing capability, which conforms to the basic technical requirements of the watch. In addition to the display time, there are intelligent reminders, positioning, navigation, calibration, monitoring, interaction, one or more functions; Display methods include Pointers, Numbers, images, etc.

Along with the development of mobile technology, many electronic products are rising to the role of mobile, the past can only be used to see time watch, now can also use a smartphone or home network connected to the Internet, according to the electricity information, Twitter and content such as news feeds, and weather information.Bluetooth synchronous mobile phone calls, send and receive text messages, sleep monitoring, monitoring the heart rate, sedentary remind, running steps, remote photos, play music, video, compass, and other functions, designed for people in the fashion trend! Ultra precise GPS positioning, affection calls, emergency call, take medicine remind many designed for a custom function in the elderly, such as umbrella for the old man's travel, but also their children's whereabouts recording equipment.

We found that most smart watches only wear for children and the elderly, with the development of science and technology, many young people also like this kind of equipment, not only because of its functional diversity, its style is also very important.Although it has a variety of functions to our life and work has important role, but the function of the satellite positioning and navigation can also make our whereabouts exposed under the view of others, you are worried about their own smart watches tracking, you can use a smart watch GPS scrambler device to stop.You will thanks for the invention of the GPS jammer kept us more safety.

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High power GSM 3G 4G GPS WIFI Frequencies Jammer Scrambler Device Adjustable

8 antennas desktop adjustable signal jammer to GSM 3 g 4 g cell phone signal as the basic types of shielding frequency combination GPS + WiFi, + 433 MHZ, 315 MHZ UHF and VHF + Lojack signal for you to choose from, a variety of signal types and strong interference shielding radius, make it suitable for schools, offices, courts, prisons and other places of many. The maximum interference radius can be up to 50 meters.