4G frequency 2345mhz - 2400mhz

4 g cellular mobile network signal as the signal type, mobile operators can provide mobile phone manufacturers and communications operators are trying to implant the signal frequency range to the smartphone, and 4 g frequency 2345 MHZ to 2400 MHZ is one of the commonly used signal spectrum, it is also recommended for your cell phone jammer for the frequency disturbing, schools use electronic jammer banned student takes an exam cheating.

Portable Armband Hidden Mobile GSM 3G 4G GPS or WiFi Jammer

gsm frequency blocker

This armband handheld mobile phone signal jammer you can buy with lower price,it has high quality assurance in our shop.Jamming radius 20m block gsm 3g 4g frequency and gps or wifi signal,it used by school,meeting room,churches,ect.


Handheld GSM 3G 4G LTE Cell Phone Frequency Signal Jammer

4g jammer frequency

The portable cell phone signal jammer is your right choice to protect your privacy. 6 bands handheld blocker is powerful to jamming,max radius up 20 meters, the signal of gsm 3g 4g gps wifi will be blocked when it working.


3 Bands Portable Mini Lightweight GSM 3G Jammer GPS Blocker

phone jammer

3 Antennas handheld GSM 3G jammer block basic phone frequency,Small and lightweight design make it easy to use and hidden.Max jamming radius 15 meters. This is enough to keep you from being harassed by your phone and being tracked by GPS.


GSM 3G Cell Jammer GPS WIFI Frequency 433 315 868MHz

black phone blocker

The 4 bands black shell cell jammer shielding GSM and 3G mobile cellular signals.Small and lightweight easy use for you,it also supports GPS,WIFI and 315,433,868MHz blocked.The car charger is more convenient for your car to use,jamming radius up 15 meters.


Jammer by Frequency

Frequency 4G LTE 725 - 770MHz - 3G 2010MHz - 2145MHz Frequency - 3G 2110MHz - 2170MHz Frequency