3G 2010MHz - 2145MHz Frequency

This frequency band 3G:2010mhz - 2145mhz belong to 3G mobile cellular signal network,it will be shielded by cell phone jammer with the multiband gsm 3g 4g signal high power.Do you know what spectrum of cellular signals your phone uese? At present, almost all our mobile phones use the same cellular network with the same frequency band. The network services provided by the operators mainly include GSM, 3g, 4g and 4g lte types, among which the frequency band covers a wide range.

Portable Multiband GPS WIFI Bluetooth Wireless Video Alarm Jammers

2010mhz-21445mhz 3g jammer

The portable cell phone jammer block GSM 3G 4G frequency band signal,also provides GPS wifi bluetooth, and wireless video signal, wireless alarm blocker frequency, be used in family, school, prison, church, court, etc.


Handheld WiFi GPS Lojack Jammer GSM 3G 4G LTE Blocker

frequency blocker 3g

The 6 antennas portable camouflage military gsm 3g 4g jammer is powerful. It is the only handheld jammer with a display screen on our shop. Jamming radius up to 20 meters.


5 Bands High Power Cell Phone WiFi Signal Jammer Adjustable

phone blocker frequency

The desktop WiFi mobile jammer can block WiFi GSM UMTS LTE. It has good cooling system with cooling fan inside,jamming radius up 40 meters, it's suitable for family use and office use.


Adjustable High power Jammer Signal Frequencies Jamming Device

3g blocker band frequency

High power 8 antennas adjustable mobile phone jammer can jam many signal frequencies.Block gsm 3g 4g gps wifi lojack 315 433 868mhz,max jamming radius up 50 meters.Two cooling fans make it can work for a long time.


Jammer by Frequency

Frequency 4G LTE 725 - 770MHz - 4G frequency 2345mhz - 2400mhz - 3G 2110MHz - 2170MHz Frequency