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GPS satellite positioning signal scrambling device

GPS is widely used in military, science, automobile positioning, mobile phone positioning and so on. GPS and electronic map can show the actual position of the vehicle in real time, and can enlarge, reduce, restore and change the image arbitrarily. You can move with the target, keeping the target on the screen all the time; Multi-window, multi-vehicle, multi-screen tracking can also be realized. This function can be used to track and transport important vehicles and goods. GPS satellite positioning and navigation technology for our exercise is extremely convenient, it can predict in advance the best route for us, let us become shorter travel time, the best route can save our time, on the way to improve our efficiency. GPS satellite positioning signal technology is likely to become our whereabouts also exposed, it is the use of, criminals will install on our vehicle GPS tracker, let us the line of sight of his whereabouts at every moment, no matter where we are. To prevent this kind of equipment tracking, the birth of a GPS satellite signal interference frequency device, it blocked the satellite signal, make these tracking equipment can't normal work, send our location information to criminals. With the increasing number of tracking events, more and more important national figures and individuals are buying GPS jammer, which they will carry and open when they need protection. The device is easily available on the Internet, with high quality, multi-signal spectrum, and competitive price to sell to the world. It is extremely effective in protecting the privacy of the whereabouts of the equipment.

The all-round development of GPS satellite positioning signal and makes life becomes simple and convenient to popularize and apply, convenient and may suffer from these satellite positioning, when we enjoy the convenience, we should also consider our privacy the question of whether or not to be infringed, so at the time of need not provide satellite signal service, we can consider to use GPS jammers prevent signal, in order to avoid our privacy being tracked, and would pose a threat to our personal and property.

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