GPS signal blocker detachable battery

The number of GPS satellites is more and more evenly distributed around the world, which can provide a unified GPS measurement of the global coordinate system and can accurately determine the plane position and elevation of the station at the same time. At present, GPS level can meet the accuracy of four levels of measurement. GPS positioning is calculated in the global unified wgs-84 coordinate system, so the measurement results of different locations around the world are interrelated.

The global nature of GPS satellite positioning has enabled it to be used in various mobile terminal devices, such as smart watches and smart phones. GPS tracker is also a kind of mobile terminal, which requires us to have mobile features for its preventive tools.GPS satellite positioning device while largely help people management and travel, is a serious violation of personal privacy, may involve our security, in order to against the GPS satellite positioning tracking protection, we can use the professional reverse tracking tools - GPS jammer.

Satellite positioning does provide us with a lot of help, but we should also crack down on practices that violate our privacy.As privacy awareness increases, more and more people are using anti-tracking devices to protect their whereabouts. There are many factors to consider when using these devices, including the scope of the interference and the length of the battery's working hours, whether it is convenient for outdoor and vehicle use, etc. The portable GPS blocker removable batteries completely eliminates the need for interference.

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pocket gsm 3g jammer

Pocket GPS Scrambler Handheld Jammer Block GSM 3G Wireless WiFi Signal

As you can see, this portable jammer is designed as a box, with three types of shielding signals, GSM + 3G, GPS, WIFI signal. The small pocket GPS jammer is convenient for your outdoor use, interferes with GPS tracking signals, easy to use and hide, and removable battery design solves its power problem. The radius of interference is about 10 meters, depending on your environment.Car charger to provide for you.