Automotive gps signal interrupter

The vehicle positioning trackers are mainly vehicle anti-theft GPS positioning products. The functions of the vehicle positioning tracker generally include SMS positioning, timing positioning, network query, remote monitoring and remote lock. But with the development of the technology, more and more car owners say they are being tracked by these devices.

The tracking of target characters and vehicles occurs frequently in foreign countries, and these tracks are not only traced by traditional people, but using the most widely used GPS satellite tracking. At first they target vehicle installed a small GPS locator, the locator device location information collection module and communication module, communication module is responsible for the location information collected through a certain signal spectrum sent to install of mobile client, so as to realize tracking of people or vehicles.The frequency of vehicles being tracked makes more and more owners choose to use automotive GPS signal interrupters to protect their cars.

The most current tracking is the tracking of vehicles, because there are few good opportunities for people to install locators easily. Tracking people mainly occurs when the police send undercover agents, and they usually install tiny monitoring and positioning devices on his body.So you don't have to worry about yourself being fitted with a GPS locator, but your car could be fitted with this tracking device. In this case, you don't have to worry too much, you can use a portable GPS jammer device to block the tracking signal.

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