GPS frequency band scrambler

GPS tracking can always track our real-time location, when we're not taking appropriate action. We often see such episodes in film and television, and they are almost impossible to get rid of, and wherever they go, they are always found. They don't use GPS jammer, and it's hard to find a tracker device.In film and television, it is not hard to find that for GPS tracking devices, they do not use the professional GPS frequency scrambler, which does not appear to be such a product. But for a remote-controlled bomb, we will see in numerous military, film and television, to explosion-proof, bomb researchers often use military remote control jammers, prevent detonated, causing great damage.

Frequency spectrum scrambler is based on a certain signal frequency and the frequency band to carry on the design of production, want to block a and the signal types, even the same frequency produced from scrambler, and makes the corresponding equipment can not correctly distinguish the frequency, the resulting confusion, not timely processing of signal, the basic principle of the frequency scrambler.

If you know the frequency of a wireless device, you can also diy scrambler homemade a frequency band, you only need to purchase the corresponding device, according to the scrambler circuit connection. If you don't want to make it yourself, you can buy the scrambler device here, which is cheap, powerful and portable. Whether you're tired of cell phone harassment, or worried about GPS tracking, they're excellent devices.

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