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High quality vehicle handheld GPS tracking jammer device


The field of GPS technology is becoming more and more widely used in many high-tech electronic products in today's market. This technology is a very important technology for the technology era. GPS satellite positioning and GPS satellite navigation have brought great influence to all countries in the world, especially for the development of science and technology.

GPS satellite tracking events are frequent, and more and more people are paying attention to the purchase of portable GPS jammers for their travel, avoiding tracking and protecting privacy. For example, Australian men use snack to block GPS tracking signals.

Although global positioning system (GPS) to the society and the life of people with a lot of convenience, but the problem will inevitably exist, for GPS, perhaps we know more about it for our daily life navigation, positioning. Maybe you've heard about news events like GPS trackers, or you can see it in movies and TV shows, which is another area of GPS technology. In film and television, we see cars with GPS trackers or people who are dangerous, making their movements accessible and dangerous.It is inevitable that people will be scare and dangerous.

But with the advent of GPS jammer, it has solved the problem of preventing GPS satellites from tracking signals and protecting people's movements. This will introduce you to the most popular handheld wifi signal in the market, GPS tracking jammer.

It took 6 antenna design, can block the common type of signal, widely used in family, office, library, and vehicles need to prevent such as mobile phones, GPS satellite tracking signal. Because of its portable characteristics, it can be used in all kinds of outdoor places. You may be worried that there is no electricity in the outdoors to make it work for a long time, we have a car charger for you, and your car can be used as a place to provide electricity.

Power: 3W
Jamming radius : up 20m
It can work about 120 minutes in full power
Weight: 750g
Dimensions: 112 X 62 X 32 mm
Built-in rechargeable battery,4000mAh battery capacity