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GPS satellite positioning and navigation technology is widely used in the field of each big, in the life position location, navigation, etc are all as we know, for us to travel and to confirm its position is very convenient.In other areas, GPS technology is more widely used, especially in military, which requires more GPS and more accurate precision.Military positions are vital for the entire military, and even for the protection of the state. Good positioning and anti-positioning technology can ensure the confidentiality of military bases.GPS satellite positioning and GPS tracking are important for military.

The U.S. military uses about a meter in accuracy, providing about 10 meters for civilian and NATO use. 24 GPS satellites in an altitude of 12000 km above the ground, with the cycle of 12 hours orbiting the earth, made at any time, from any point on the ground can be observed at the same time more than four satellites. The satellite weighs 774kg and has a life span of 7 years.GPS navigation equipment has become a key tool for us military operations such as navigation, weapon targeting and rescue. It provides real-time, all-weather and global navigation services for the three areas of land and sea air, and is used for military purposes such as intelligence gathering, nuclear explosive monitoring and emergency communication. The successful practice of GPS system in several local wars has fully demonstrated the important military use value of modern satellite navigation system.

Visible GPS for the importance of the military, it is because of this, the GPS tracking also appears more important, among them, the GPS jamming system is used by the military activities of all countries,the powerful portable military GPS disruptors device is convenient for small teams to detect and drill down in the open air, using this device to ensure that their location information is not detected and detected by the enemy and the civilian's tracking device is the small sample, is the device GPS jammer.

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