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Satellite tracking mode there are two kinds of satellite technology, namely synchronous satellite tracking by several high rail Leo satellite orbit perturbation determine gravity disturbance, called high - low SST, or by measuring the same two satellites in orbit (about 200 km apart) between the relative rate of change of gravity changes to determine the coefficients, called low - low SST.GPS satellite tracking, low-orbit satellite or low-orbit aircraft can significantly improve the precision and resolution of gravity field. Satellite tracking satellite technology has tend to mature and practical, the European space agency (ESA) and NASA (NASA) gradually launch satellites capable of determination of earth gravity field.

GPS positioning system is called GPRS, and it is simple to say that GPS positioning system is a mobile phone card built into your vehicle-mounted terminal, which can be transmitted to the background by mobile phone signal, so that the GPS terminal is the background, which can help you implement a key navigation, background service, etc. various kinds of sexual service.With the development of science and technology, more and more precise GPS positioning, can accurate orientation to your location, which is widely used in various locator, trackers, mobile devices, such as they are used to track on the criminal gangs, there are also criminals for target tracking of the characters, in order to get accurate information.How to oppose GPS satellite tracking? Australian men use snack packs to block GPS tracking signals.

The locator in many degree of it is the tool that helps people to quickly find an item, but at the same time, it may be we are tracking, pose a threat to our equipment, so we all hope not tracked by the device, to protect our own privacy. And GPS scramblers are against this kind of tracking, and we're in a safe position.GPS satellite positioning and tracking we are very large for our security threats, although we may have very little probability to be tracked, and necessary precautions are needed. The use of a professional portable GPS jammer can disable tracking from GPS satellite signals.

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