Portable pocket box gps disruptor

Because GPS satellite signals are global, each of our locations is likely to be captured by it and positioned and tracked by us. Currently on the market many mobile tracking equipment are adopting this principle, put the function of GPS chip, will get the location of the information sent by a certain network terminal to the corresponding client, thereby exposing our position to install it, this is also the basic principle of tracking equipment.

It is the important characteristic of the global satellite system, aiming at the signal shielding device has an important requirement, one of the portable features is the most basic, handheld, or table, they possess the characteristics of portable and easy to operation. In addition, there are certain requirements for their power supply power supply. Because our use of GPS disruptor device is mainly aimed at vehicle tracking or personal tracking, with car tracking as the priority, the supply of car charger can solve this power problem.

In order to cater to the needs of the consumers, protect your vehicle movements and personal security, you should choose a personal use pocket GPS scrambling battery box, its interference radius is enough to make you in a safe environment, GPS satellite tracking will get a thorough solution. Now buy a high quality car GPS jammer, you can enjoy the global free delivery, quality assurance a year of quality service, let it become your untracked protective cover.

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