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Why gas stations need cell phone jammers?

Arket Erice 2018-06-02 gas

Recently, I found that every time I drive to the gas station, will find the phone no signal, can't normal use, the original is the gas station installed mobile phone jammer, why is this so?

Jammer-buy 2018-06-04 gas stations

Gas stations need radio waves to make calls, which can lead to serious events such as explosions, so they install mobile phone jammers to block calls. It is a necessary tool to provide a safe environment.

Jasonal 2018-06-03 school

Use jammer anywhere, has its uses, as school jamming equipment installation, on the one hand, in order to prevent students classroom use of mobile phones, the other is to prevent them cheating in the exam. Gas stations are more concerned with safety.

Urben 2018-06-02 safety

Yes, I have the same question, but I think it's for safety reasons, because we often see the warning of no calls at the gas station. That might give you an idea of why you need to install jammers at the gas station.