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Will the phone jammer block my email?

Hello everyone, I know that the phone jammer will block the phone signal, and it has some protection for the security of the phone, but I wonder if the phone jammer will intercept my email?

Kingeop 2018-02-26 jammer cell phone


Hello, strictly speaking, the phone jammer won't intercept your email unless you set up an interception function in your email. If you don't get an email, it may appear in your spam, and you can check it carefully. Mobile phone signal jammer is interference signal, the mobile phone is no signal will not connect to the Internet, will not receive any news, but when the mobile phone to connect to the Internet, so it will receive the message, telephone is not received, of course.

Carpers 2018-03-19 cell phone jammer

Email is our life and work will be used in a way of communication, especially on the job, many companies are some important notice by mail way, so mail has a very important role in our daily work. If you don't receive an email, you may miss some important notifications and cause serious consequences. Will the incoming mail be disrupted or intercepted? In the mailbox, we will see a lot of functions, draft boxes, junk mail, inbox, sending box, etc. A lot of spam will be intercepted into the spam mailbox. Will the phone jammer affect the receipt of the email? Currently, the mobile phone jammer in the market does not have this function.

Delike 2018-02-26 jammer Email

Hi, welcome. Thank you for your question. First of all, I agree with you, the mobile phone jammers is indeed can block cell phone signals, including GSM, 3g, 4g, 4g LTE signal, because it can block cell phone signals, so it has to protect the security of the mobile phone also have certain effect, not only that, but it also has a very important role on stop harassing phone calls. But the intercept of the email, which has not been studied at this point, has not yet reached that level. So you can safely use a cell phone jammer to protect your phone's data security and intercept phone calls.

jammer-buy 2018-02-25 cell phone

The market of mobile phone jammers have a variety of functions, not only is the interference signal, protection of mobile data security, and the interference of wifi, GPS signal and stop harassing phone calls are extremely important. With the development of the jammer technology, many current signal jammers has the function of the variety of the interference signal, which adopted multiple antenna design on design, main purpose is to look good, not only is a variety of signal to interference. Such a signal jammer is more popular and is no longer just a signal to interfere with a signal, which is also very convenient for people.

Gebusen 2018-02-24 jammer cell phone

Our email will receive a lot of mail, many of which are spam, they is no use for us, just occupied our space, of course, there are a lot of it is very important mail. The phone jammer is still not very good at distinguishing features, but is better at shielding signals and protection. For mail intercept, it is not implemented, so you don't have to worry about mobile phone jammers will intercept your mail, it's just to protect your phone data, but in the case of you don't want to be mobile phone to disturb, it is can be shielded signal to intercept phone calls.

Harter 2018-01-24 email jammer cell phone

In the Internet age, for our demand for the Internet can be easily satisfied, but the Internet is not just only bring us benefits, it also can be use, so as to pose a threat to our information and property. Give us make spam, spam links etc. Will cause certain influence to our emotions, and we really have no better way to deal with these, what also can't take them powerful mobile phone jammers, while mobile phone jammers can stop harassing phone calls.The method to solve the problem of intrusive or cell phone.

John 2018-01-15 cell phone jammer