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Spy camera, drone aerial camera, you need a drone jammer or spy camera jammer to stop it.

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How to prevent the stealth photography caused by drones?

Although the aerial photography function of uav meets the needs of most people, it may become a tool for us to be photographed secretly. How can we prohibit the shooting of us by uav? Do you have any good Suggestions?

Goudify 2018-06-29 camera drone


Hello! Yes, drones are very common in today's technology era, and aerial photography has become the most basic function. All the time, everyone wants to use this function to achieve aerial photography and see different scenery. But there will also be an illegal use of this feature, to conduct surveillance and surveillance in the residential area, and to see what it's like to do that, and to do that, it's necessary to prevent the interference of the drones, to prevent it from happening in our neighborhood. So you might consider buying a drone jammer.

Jammer-buy 2018-06-29 drone jammer camera

It sounds incredible that drones are secretly filming. Most of what I hear is about drone photography, delivery, rescue and other functions. However, it is understandable that good things will always be used by criminals to do something illegal, and what we need to do is to use more devices to protect our privacy.

Benghafer 2018-06-29 drone jammer

Just like a spy camera, it can use a spy camera jammer to block its working signal, so that it cannot shoot and record properly, so as to protect its privacy. However, a drone can also use the same principle to protect its privacy with a drone signal jammer.

Hefernonen 2018-06-30 camera drone jammer

Prevent candid privacy we need to improve their safety consciousness, also need to adopt a certain tool, in the area of the protection for us, as the above method, I think is very good.

Diaodden 2018-06-30 safety