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are gsm 900 mobile jammer ppt useful?

My friend recommended the jammer to me, but I don't know are GSM 900 Mobile Jammer PPT useful?

Guy 2021-08-02 jammer cell


Jammers really help block signals.Most jammers have a range of about 50 to 80 feet and will not effectively interfere with your surroundings. Clumsy people just think that they have reached the break-even point of cell phone company coverage until they leave the crowded environment. Larger structures such as office buildings, movie theaters, and churches can be covered with more powerful high-power cell phone jammer. They look like various metal boxes with wires protruding from them and are usually mounted on a wall or ceiling.

Jacika 2021-08-02 cell jammer

You can always trust your friends that jammers really do work.To create a good classroom environment, a GSM 900 Mobile Jammer PPT is a good choice, you can quickly and effectively block the signal band from your phone. Regarding mobile phones, many people first think of the convenience it brings to our lives. In this way, different people in different situations may have different views on the same thing. In many cases, mobile phones are not as good as before. For example, mobile phones can cause distractions in education, especially in schools. Therefore, there is a hot topic as to whether signal blockers should be used in schools.

Saya 2021-08-03 jammer cell