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do you have one rf jammer ebay?

I am struggling to choose which jammer, do you have one Rf Jammer Ebay? can you share your experience with me?

Enk 2021-08-09 jammer cell


You should choose according to your needs.We often see such social news on the Internet and in newspapers. We have no experience with similar things, but we have certainly seen similar news. As a female, do you or someone around you have cell phone harassment or tracking behavior, do you see such news? Today, technological advances have brought many conveniences to our lives, but at the same time have provided opportunities for dangerous elements.  The cell phone jammer is an interception device that handles radio signals and is used to prevent wireless network transmission. Preventive measures against radio wave interference must be waterproof when used outdoors. 

Teleya 2021-08-10 cell jammer

I just bought one, and I can tell you how it feels.It is an interception device used to prevent car positioning, when you turn off the device, you can turn off the radio waves. When using a Rf Jammer Ebay, even if the smartphone or mobile phone is turned on, simply placing it on the porch will block the communication function. Radio jammers eliminate the need to switch modes in public places such as hospitals, cinemas and trains.The radio waves emitted by mobile phone signal interference products are very weak and are within the range of weak radio waves as defined in the Radio Law.

Javy 2021-08-12 jammer cell