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Can you tell me why are cell phone jammers illegal?

I'm struggling. I want to buy a jammer, but I don't know Why Are Cell Phone Jammers Illegal?

Brian 2021-07-28 jammer cell


The jammer effectively alleviates the discomfort caused by the noise.Sometimes, we will see a rectangular black thing that looks like a walkie-talkie hanging on the arms of police, security guards and special police officers. What is this? That's right, this is a portable handheld cell phone jammer, used to block cell phone signals from base stations and cell phones to stop the cell phone from working.

Lullo 2021-07-28 cell jammer

Jammers have brought many good changes to people's lives.If your work needs to be kept secret, your workplace is unstable, and maybe you need a phone jammer. Here we are going to introduce a 3G 4G mobile phone jammer. It is aimed at the interference of all 3G 4G mobile phones. After charging, you can take it to a car, office, lobby, gym or swimming pool and make sure that all 3G phones will not leak your speech and work.

Podla 2021-07-28 jammer cell