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I'd like to know if you have a cell phone jammer abstract?

I've always been interested in jammers and can you tell me if you have a Cell Phone Jammer Abstract?Can you describe it?

Cox 2021-07-25 jammer cell


I have one and I can answer the question for you.We must take a rational and scientific approach to the mobile phone signal jammer. The working principle of the cell phone jammer is to send out a specific signal to awaken or interfere with the signal between the mobile phone and the base station, so that the mobile phone has no signal or cannot find the network service.

Sala 2021-07-25 cell jammer

I think I can tell you the answer to that question.The text message sent and received by the mobile phone will also become garbled Therefore, the original message cannot be recognized.In fact, the signal jammer generally does not affect the signal of the base station, so don't worry, no one will want to interfere with the signal of others.

Esabela 2021-07-25 jammer cell