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if you own one mobile jammer circuit using ic 555?

I'm interested in jammers, and I'd like to know more about them,if you own one Mobile Jammer Circuit Using Ic 555?

Conea 2021-07-28 jammer cell


I haven't bought this model yet, but I have many others.Determine an important amount first, then start with the planned amount for the cell phone jammer study.That's why you must first determine if the mobile operator's broadcast frequency is right for you; next, you can find frequencies that support the next step in verifying your device. If you think this is a key jammer you are looking for, you can buy it. Once you find a signal blocker that meets your needs, you must start checking. Due to the large capacity of the Internet, there must be many identical devices, but you should know that different devices operate at different frequencies, and the same frequency is different in different countries.

Ben 2021-08-04 cell jammer

I can tell you something about the product if you want to know more about it.Generally, logically, the stronger your network is, the more difficult it is to block signal. Outdoors, it's not even worth trying unless you stick it to a phone you want to disrupt. Indoors, it all depends on the structure of the building and the strength of the signal it passes through. I got good results in the supermarket. E.g. In public transport: It also depends on the signal strength at time T; I have achieved excellent results on trains and buses, but not at stations, but in rural areas. The use of Mobile Jammer Circuit Using Ic 555 products has a more obvious effect.

Elysabelle 2021-08-03 jammer cell