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shall we buy one mobile phone signal jammer?

I would be uncomfortable with someone talking loudly in the library,shall we buy one mobile phone signal jammer?

Alec 2021-07-31 jammer cell


I think you can try.When the phone blocker is active, most phones will not display network signals, and when the phone blocker is turned off, the phone will be activated. The phone uses a unique frequency for calling and listening. Most cell phone blockers block either of these two frequencies, indirectly providing a preventive effect for both.cell phone jammer work in the same way as interference suppressors used to prevent radio communications. They work by interrupting the frequency from cell phone to base station or from base station to cell phone.

Tom 2021-08-02 cell jammer

If so, you can buy a jammer and try it. It should be able to help you.Prisons are where criminals are located. There may be terrorists or criminal acts. Security is very important. Because contact with the outside world must be banned, the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices when contacting the outside world is not allowed to prevent security threats in the prison. Therefore, using a Mobile Phone Signal Jammer in prison can prevent such things from happening. To avoid secret contact between prisoners and visitors, cell phone interference can help.

Saina 2021-08-01 jammer cell