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How to stop the camera from taking pictures?

On the Internet, I saw a lot of news stories about candid photos, especially in hotels, how to prevent them from being photographed?

GorHend 2018-04-18 camera candid


As you said, the hotel easily photographed event, they often install a hidden camera in the hotel room, steal your every move in the room, it is dangerous for us. May exist the phenomenon of candid, we all know that will be a very good but we cannot candid camera equipment, because of them is too subtle, was pictured that we don't know. For such a thing, nothing special, or you can easily find the candid camera, or do you have a special tool to detect, or are you a professional camera jammer device affect the video signal.

Jammer-buy 2018-04-26 camera jammers

It happens all the time, but maybe we don't know we've been photographed. The hotel's candid camera will not be as obvious as the cameras on the road, and they will be installed in extremely secluded areas where you can hardly find them. Have recorded all your actions before you know it. To prevent candid shots, you should choose a more reliable and high-end hotel.

Livenston 2018-04-25 camera video

We don't seem to have any way of dealing with this kind of candid camera, but we can reduce the probability of being photographed as long as we improve our privacy awareness. The choice of the hotel and the simple inspection of the room are necessary. If you have a professional detection device or a device that interferes with the candid camera, you can completely solve the problem of candid camera.

Gettin 2018-04-24 camera privacy

You're worried that being photographed is normal, and we don't want our privacy to be seen by others, which makes us very uncomfortable. But we went on our hotel is the inevitable, so is the possibility of being photographed, thoroughly be candid, it seems hard to do it, if someone wants to you for actual candid.If you're caught in a spy camera, you can take a look at this.

Buttery 2018-04-23 camera

Pictured you can't find your behavior, false if you don't know, there is no such a thing, you won't feel anything, but it is hard to let yourself don't know candid, so when you travel to carry a multifunctional spy camera jammers is very necessary.

Faryrle 2018-04-20 camera jammers

I used to live in the hotel, I also can have snapped pictures, so I can't live very comfortable, my vigilance never put down, I feel in an unsafe environment. Since I have heard our friend's advice, I bought a multifunction signal jammer, it not only can prevent cell phone signals, wifi and GPS tracking signals, can also interfere with the camera shot of the video signal. From then on I went out with them for a rainy day.

Allen 2018-04-18 camera jammers