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Family use cell phone jammer to prevent children from staying up late playing mobile games

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How can better prevent children from addicted to mobile games?

I know the child addicted to mobile games is a common phenomenon, but I was really worried about my children, it day and night playing mobile games, I want to stop him, but he no longer listen to my advice, what should I do?

Harrisen 2018-04-18 cell phone games


I think this kind of situation is not only in your home, in a wide range of more than mid-level family will appear such behavior, children with mobile phone games have become a bad social ethos, serious impact on the child's learning and healthy growth, so you should take some measures to solve this problem. If your child doesn't take your advice, you should take his cell phone, or reduce his pocket money. Of course, we mainly focus on education, and we should not take drastic measures unless we have to. Or you can secretly install a cell phone blocker in your home to block your phone's signal so that it doesn't work properly.

Querong 2018-04-26 cell phone games

My child has a similar situation, but I took the smart move, don't give him too much communication consumption, home wifi network I set a closed on time, or limit his mobile IP access, which he cannot be a good use of cell phones. Since I've done this, he's not as addicted to mobile games as he used to be, and I think you can try it.

Zenpotur 2018-04-25 games

You can add the caps to his cell phone Settings, traffic reaches a certain number of can't use, home wifi you also need to set limits, don't let him easy to connect to, especially at night to rest, you should to shut it down, make he can't play mobile phone games, gradually reduce the dependence on mobile phone, return to the study.Why are kids addicted to mobile games? On the one hand, it must be that parents provide them with a mobile device and provide them with a good network environment, which is easily influenced by the people around them. Should parents allow children to use mobile phones? There was a heated debate in society.

Moertuper 2018-04-18 cell phone