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How should I let my children to put down the phone?

The development of smart phone makes our children addicted to mobile games. How can we get him out of the mobile game? Should parents allow children to use mobile phones? I need your help.

Linehen 2018-01-15 cell phone children


My child's obsession with mobile games is a common problem today, and I've been as upset as you are. Until I saw a topic on BBS that would stop the signal and stop the use of the phone. I'm not too believe that at the beginning, I've struggled with for a long time, finally I still bought a desktop wifi jammer, I install it in our home, when I can't children do their homework, cell phone addiction, I opened it, and sure enough he can't good to play games, put down the phone to learn, this let I can't help but smile, finally to stop the child of this kind of undesirable behavior.

Faleier 2018-03-19 cell phone

The rapid development of smart phones, makes a lot of people have it, it's intelligent and functional diversity with teenagers like, they can use smart mobile phones to play games, watch video, browse the novel, it is very important for their amateur life. After all, they are students, and students should focus on learning rather than on mobile phones. So many parents are worried about how to get their children to put down their phones and return to their studies, which is a common concern. Here I suggest you can use the wifi jammer to cut off the phone's network so that it doesn't work properly.

Ywade 2018-02-04 jammer wifi

Children use mobile phones has become a common phenomenon, they use mobile phone to play games, watch video. It is a problem for many parents that they use mobile phones too much and don't like to study. Playing with mobile phones not only affects their learning, but also causes their eyesight to be damaged, which will affect their healthy growth. Many parents to stop this kind of phenomenon, tried various methods, but still to no avail, for your trouble, use of cell phone jammer will make this problem to obtain the very good solution. Cell phone jammers can block cell phone signals and wifi, let your phone can't connect to the Internet, so that your children can play games and watch video, it's just on the way to solve the problem, need to thoroughly solve the problem, need to children's education.

jammer-buy 2018-01-30 jammer cell phone

You can stop him severely, grab your cell phone, don't play with him, or even beat him, but I don't recommend using this method, which is bad for children. On the one hand, it will make them more rebellious, and on the other hand, it will be very unfavorable for their growth. Using a mobile jammer to block your phone signal will be your most reasonable solution.

Nanaly 2018-01-29 cell phone

For children, we have to use the right way to teach, let them know the disadvantages of playing mobile phone at an early age, know the dangers of playing mobile phone, as well as the some of the future, of course, parents also want to set a good example, not to indulge in front of the children cell phones, it has a very big influence on children is, if you can't very good control dependence on mobile phone, you can together with your child away from the phone, through the use of mobile phone signal jammer equipment.

Qinlade 2018-01-28 jammer cell phone

The above mentioned method mainly uses mobile phone jammer, and it is true that mobile phone jammer has a very obvious effect on children's use of mobile phones. This is a mandatory practice, if you don't want to take this way, you only take him go out to play, go out to practice, let he have no time to play mobile phone, as time passes can make their dependence on the phone.

Westkuco 2018-01-25 cell phone jammer