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  • In jammer-buy get signal jammer, you may be plagued by some problems, which show you some common problems.Signal jammers are widely used, and you need a device that protects your security. Hopefully they will help you solve your confusion and make your purchase more secure.If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service and they will give you the best service.

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Does the cell phone jammer diy interfere with the TV video signal?

Hello everyone! Recently, my TV video is very card. Is it possible that it is affected by the signal jammer?

Laneyh 2018-03-19 drone


The customized phone jammer can block video signals because the custom signal jammer allows you to add more interference signal frequencies. Custom is not only the interference signal, signal jammers can also screen video, audio, radio signals, as long as you need, you can contact www.jammer-buy.com store custom of the personnel of the service in detail.Hello! Interference video jammer already exists in the market, if you just want to interfere with the video signal, you can buy directly, but if you need to have a variety of equipment, shielding the signal types of jammers if have no you need shielding signal type combination, you can contact our professional customer service team for ordering.

Arizha 2018-03-19 cell phone jammer

Hello, everyone! First we common mobile phone signal jammer can block cell phone signals, there is no doubt about it, as for mobile phone jammers can interfere with the television video signal, this problem, we can be divided into two parts to answer. First, the current mobile phone signal jammer in the market can block the signal of the phone, and it can intercept wifi and GPS signal, which is a common blocking function. Secondly, the mobile phone jammer in the market can be realized. By ordering the cell phone jammer, you can customize the corresponding signal jammer according to the signal frequency band you want to block. If you need to order one, here will be for you.

jammer-buy 2018-02-06 cell phone

Along with the development of the signal jammer, the market of mobile phone jammers can be from a variety of signals, is no longer only shielded cell phone signals, and most of the stores provide customized services, they can according to your requirements custom-made belong to your unique mobile phone signal jammer, equipment or other types of jammers. In terms of quality and service, you don't have to worry, they're all professional.To buy a professional mobile signal jammer device, you need to know what signal can the phone jammer block?

Kady 2018-02-07 jammer

I've bought a video jammer before, and it has the ability to jam multiple signals, not just phones, wifi, GPS, but also video. The purpose of my purchase such a device, on the one hand is to let the neighbors TV sound noisy to my rest, on the other hand is to let my child not addicted to television, ignoring their study, when they need to do the homework, I will open it, let the children in the study, I think this is a good practice, at least for me and my children are good.

Tailers 2018-02-07 jammer

I also want to buy a jammer can interfere with the video signal, the voice of my neighbors watching TV too much, when I rest, always bother me, I was very angry, and communicate with them and they don't listen to your advice, I think I should take some measure, for I can get one here can interfere with a variety of mobile phone signal, video jammer? I urgently need such a device to ensure my rest.

Lisa 2018-02-08 video

With the development of the jammer equipment, mobile phone jammers can interfere with the common cell phone signals, with 5 g signal is put forward and research and development, believe in the near future, will be able to interfere with the mobile phone jammers, 5 g signal will have special produce 5G jammer, remains to be seen.

Kejizhixing 2018-02-08 5G