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What's more radioactive than a cell phone and a signal jammer?

Seeing such information on the Internet, mobile phones and jammers have radiation, which radiation is bigger? Can you tell me? Cell phones have radiation, which we all know, but do they have radiation? If so, how does it compare with the radiation of the phone? How do we deal with the radiation?

Loper 2018-02-17 cell phone radiation


Radiation is almost our life will be affected, whether our mobile phones, computers, or our kitchen appliances have radiation, what is the reason to the problem of radiation? What about the signal interference device that doesn't have radiation? These may be concerns about the purchase of cell phone jammers, and studies have shown that it does not have radiation, even if it is, and is slightly smaller than that of electronic devices such as mobile phones.

Buzer 2018-03-19 cell phone radiation jammer

Cell phone radiation radiation in today's important issues, there are many reports about this on the Internet, said mobile phone radiation how big to the harm of human body, or because of how mobile phone radiation caused damage, etc. But people did not much care about this problem, with the development of smart phones, people's life cannot leave the mobile phone, even knowing it has radiation, and people don't stop using it, and people more is to want to how to reduce the radiation, rather than avoid, also is inevitable. Cell phone radiation and signal jammer radiation, which has been done experimentally, results in a signal jammer that is far less radioactive than a cell phone.

jammer-buy 2018-02-18 Cell phone radiation may cause related problems

Mobile phone signal jammer is intercepted phone signal equipment, we usually think of one thing, a thing, then surely the radiation of cell phone jammer is much better than phone, this is most people's idea. That's not the case, as upstairs says, the radiation from the signal jammer is much smaller than that of the phone, which is why the signal jammer device is so popular today.

Geoler 2018-02-19 cell phone

The radiation of the signal jammer is smaller than that of the mobile phone. I have checked the relevant news on the Internet, and it is still the authoritative website, and some people have tested the results.

Blacker 2018-02-20 cell phone radiation

The radiation of the signal jammer and cell phone is harmful to our body. The degree of damage is related to the intensity of radiation and the duration of radiation. If we can control the time of these devices well, we can minimize the damage from radiation, which is dependent on our own self-control. If you can't control myself to play with the mobile time, then the signal blocker equipment you need, though it has radiation, but its radiation is much less than mobile phones, but not as large as the mobile phone's power to harm us, is one of the measures to reduce the radiation.

Porland 2018-02-21 jammer