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High quality wireless network signal jammers are used to block wifi signals generated by routers.

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how to block wifi signal from router?

My child is addicted to the wifi network and uses his cell phone or tablet to play games. I want to cut off the wifi signal and make it unable to access the Internet. How can I block it?

Pouafer 2018-06-29 cell phone jammer wifi games


Children addict network of things has been very common, I often see a lot of people complain about, children's self-control ability is weak, and more rebellious, so it is necessary to take some drastic measures. As you say, to cut off the wifi network, make its can't do their thing, that's very good way, as for how to shield the wifi signal, you can buy a professional desktop wifi jammer from our shop.

Jammer-buy 2018-06-29 wifi jammer

My situation is similar to yours. Do you have any good solution to their Internet addiction? Seeing what was said upstairs, I felt it necessary to give it a try.

Vaxmenioer 2018-06-29 jammer internet

You want to know how it works? Here's an example. Imagine a school bus full of female students watching Justin bieber's hd video from the nearest wifi tower, which is actually your tower. Even if you don't have technical training, I think you'll understand how much your WiFi tower is overloaded in this case. In addition, you're not the only one suffering from this problem, because you have other normal WiFi users, because you rely on the tower's bandwidth.

Alantop 2018-06-30 wifi

Hello! Blocking wifi signal is actually very simple, you don't want you kids connect wifi, you can close it, if you feel so bad, so you really have to buy the wireless signal jammer, it can not only cut off the wifi network, also can block cell phone signals, make your children completely put down the phone.

Leoweaer 2018-06-30 wifi wireless jammer