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do you have one mobile network jammer app android?

I want to buy a jammer but I don't know which one to buy,do you have one Mobile Network Jammer App Android?

Alvaro 2021-07-31 jammer cell


I have one at home. I bought it last year and it still works very well.More and more people are using signal jammer to protect their privacy, and many countries use gsm jammer or cell phone signals to block devices. Before you use these things, it is even better if you understand how they work, that is, jammers block signals such as frequency bands and distances. However, you must keep in mind that our principle of using interfering devices is to try to protect their privacy and not to infringe on the privacy of others, thus making yourself a legitimate citizen. The following points should be noted.

Jerroy 2021-08-04 cell jammer

I bought one for a long time and I think it's still on sale.Now more and more people are worrying about defending their privacy. We don't even know that many new wireless devices can steal our personal information. We use different gadgets every day, GPS navigation systems, laptops, laptops and smartphones to be one of them. However, many people do not know that bad people can use Mobile Network Jammer App Android to steal your personal information and wireless devices.Do not use signal jammers in public places. We recommend that you use interference equipment in your private space.

Elsa 2021-08-03 jammer cell