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how can i find gsm signal jammer circuit diagram?

I was thinking about putting a jammer in the house, but here's the thing that how can i find GSM Signal Jammer Circuit Diagram?

Thomas 2021-08-06 jammer cell


With the jammer working, all 2G 3G phones will lose the ability to make calls and receive messages due to blocked signals. You can enjoy a peaceful environment without being disturbed by phone calls.Because mobile phones vary in size and can be easily removed by most people, portable jammer can be the ideal device for your annoying problems. It has very good function, can shield the signals from five frequency bands at the same time, the shielding radius is up to 10 meters, depending on the signal strength of the specific location.

Kitty 2021-08-09 cell jammer

A portable jammer is a small box that changes the normal function of the vehicle's electronic key. As a result, the perpetrators are close to the victims. They are waiting for the latter to lock the door, or at least thinking about doing so ... because the box prevents the closing signal from being considered. The vehicle then stays open, just waiting for the owner to leave it before using it internally.After activating the car's central control lock, did you check that the doors are indeed closed? Indeed, signals from remote control keys or hands-free cards can be remotely encrypted using readily available GSM Signal Jammer Circuit Diagram. Suddenly, you don't know its status, your car stays open, and you may become a victim of theft without breaking in and entering. This is a trick to avoid such attacks.

Helene 2021-08-07 jammer cell