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i want to know where to find 4g signal jammer circuit?

I want to buy a portable jammer to take with me and i want to know where to find 4g Signal Jammer Circuit?

Shakeem 2021-08-05 jammer cell


The location of the 4g Signal Jammer Circuit is undisturbed, no matter where they are, sitting on the bus listening to someone, and talking on the phone, the voice is annoying. This is the most common reason and we are considering buying interference equipment. One more thing, you need to pay attention! Many people think they need to buy signal jammers to protect them, simply because they need to stop those who keep calling and being rude.  Determine an important amount first, then start with the planned amount for the equipment study. Once you find a signal blocker that meets your needs, you must start checking.

Qudra 2021-08-10 cell jammer

Due to the large capacity of the Internet, there must be many identical devices, but you should know that different devices operate at different frequencies, and the same frequency is different in different countries. If you think this is a key jammer you are looking for, you can buy it. Suppose there are two types of desktop gsm jammer that block cell phone signals.These are the two most important things and you need to pay special attention. If they are good, you can purchase the equipment of your choice. Keep in mind that you can buy cheaper jammers with various discounts at times, and you can get jammers at a low price, but make sure the website you buy is legitimate! It is important to be a victim of fraud. If you plan to buy jammers, please follow the working range and battery life of the signal blocker. 

Gina 2021-08-06 jammer cell