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how can we get 12 antenna signal jammer?

My roommates suggested installing a jamming device in the dorm,how can we get 12 Antenna Signal Jammer?

Sam 2021-08-11 jammer cell


You can search online together and decide what type you need.According to reports, from September last year to February this year, a man seemed to peek at a woman's light passenger car online, installed a gsm jammer secretly, or monitored her behavior with some computer software online. To be precise, placing a GPS tracker on someone else's car and publishing it to the Internet to monitor its behavior and monitor the victim's location and status at all times can be known to be guilty but difficult to detect. This is how we counteract tracking by using GPS jammers.

Black 2021-08-13 cell jammer

There are many stores selling 12 Antenna Signal Jammer now and you can look for them.The same as the GPS blocker, there are mobile phone jammers, and the use of mobile phone signal jammers: mobile phone signal jammers can intercept mobile phone communications without interfering with other electronic devices, and can be widely used in conference rooms, Auditoriums, courts, libraries, counseling rooms, schools, theaters, hospitals, gas stations, oil fields, oil depots, government, military, finance, securities, prisons, public safety command centers, etc. are all places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited. The mobile phone signal jammer uses the latest chip components and integrated circuits, advanced performance, easy installation, and long service life.

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