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maybe you know what are jammers?

My friends have been talking about jammers lately, and I have a lot of questions about it,maybe you know What Are Jammers?

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A jammer is basically a device designed to block signals.The mobile jammer did not block, but issued a "pseudo base station radio wave", forcing the mobile phone out of range. Since the fake base station radio has no location information or line type (telephone company) information, communication cannot be performed even if the fake radio broadcast is received through a mobile phone, so the line was determined to be unavailable and was judged to be "service interrupted" .cell phone jammer cut off all mobile radio waves, including smartphones, because Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cannot pass, making communication almost impossible. 

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Jammers can be used to block many kinds of signals. In this case, its operation does not interfere with electronic medical equipment (for example, a pacemaker), and mobile phones can make emergency calls. Signal jammers are retained by the police, used by the police, and tested in prisons, and are being used in more and more fields.Cellular phone blockers can be used in hospitals, churches, movie theaters, theaters and other places where using a cell phone may leak sensitive information. Some people are very confused. In the face of more and more cheating techniques in school examinations, it is difficult to stop them only by traditional means.I think that there are people know What Are Jammers.

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