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Should we buy a anti cell phone jammer?

When my friends and I watch a movie in the cinema, we can always hear the bell coming from certain seats. Should we buy one Anti Cell Phone Jammer?

Scotty 2021-07-29 jammer cell


I support you in buying one.Since the frequency band used by mobile phones is dedicated, the transmission frequency of the mobile phone signal jammer in the conference room is completely within the mobile phone working frequency specified by the country, so it has no effect on other electronic equipment such as TVs and radios.

Jammer-buy 2021-07-29 cell jammer

You can try it if you need to.At the same time, the cell phone jammer only interferes with the BCH transmitted by the base station received by the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone cannot establish contact with the base station, so it has no effect on the mobile phone. Furthermore, although the signal field strength it emits is stronger than that of BCH, it is much weaker than the electromagnetic radiation field generated by mobile phone calls, so it will not cause harm to the human body. It can be used for a long time with confidence. Telecommunications focuses on the research and development of mobile phone signal amplifiers.

Mata Eloy 2021-07-29 jammer cell