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should we buy some mobile network signal jammer?

Every day at work, I see people talking loudly on their phones,should we buy some Mobile Network Signal Jammer?

Dorin 2021-07-31 jammer cell


I think you should buy one.Most mobile phone jammers can also interfere with telephone signals and can also be called mobile phone directional interceptors; it may also be designed to interfere with control, but its main operating mode is almost certainly a directional cell phone jammer. In other words, it will only generate noise on the signal. Without a well-protected and well-oriented telephone antenna, the telephone signal will not be able to be distinguished, thus playing a role in intercepting the signal.Please see All satellites, and check that they agree with each other, and if they do not, ignore them.

Chelly 2021-08-01 cell jammer

I had the same trouble with you before, and I support you to buy one.In churches in western countries, they are in a sacred place. They should forbid any uncivilized actions, and cell phone ringtones will annoy others, which is very uncivilized. Therefore, in order to maintain a quiet atmosphere and maintain the spirit of the Holy Spirit, many churches install Mobile Network Signal Jammer in the church to block signals when necessary. As you can imagine, the phone suddenly rings while praying to God, which is a disaster. Therefore, interrupting cell phone frequency may be a good way to stay silent in a church.

Geya 2021-08-03 jammer cell