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Why are jammers so popular?

I bought my own jamming equipment, but never figured it out why Cell Jammer Detector are popular.Do you know why?

Mata 2021-07-27 jammer cell


I think it's because they bring peace to people.With the progress of society and the development of high technology, people’s level is getting higher and higher. Now mobile phones have generally become a living habit of adults and children, and the impact is even more important for elementary and middle school students. Playing mobile phones for a long time is very important. It may affect eyesight, and even more serious is the waste of schoolwork.

Eva 2021-07-26 cell jammer

There are so many uses for cell phone jammer, they block out noise, they can be used in the exam room, and it's normal that they're popular.Everyone is familiar with Cell Jammer Detector. They are also known as cell phone jammer. They have been seen by anyone who has taken large-scale exams. They are placed at the entrance of the exam classroom. This is not a malicious shielding signal, on the contrary This is a manifestation of maintaining fairness, in order to give people a fair environment for the exam. However, many people sometimes wonder whether it will affect the signal radiation of the base station, so that there is no signal in an area.

Paule 2021-07-26 jammer cell