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Where can I buy a GPS jammer like a usb drive?

I want to buy a easy to conceal and carry equipment, GPS jammer modelling are small enough, it should also be hidden enough, it's hard to find it is a jammer device, it's like a GPS tracking device easily concealed, the best design is the design that uses like U disk, such hidden better for it. Do you know where there is a sale of such a product? I'd like to wholesale some.

Artanly 2018-03-24 gps jammers


Hello! This GPS jammer device for your needs is in store sales, GPS category, here you can find it easily, it uses on the mobile phone interface, like a usb plug on the interface to use, without charge, as long as you have a place, can be used to power your mobile phone, automobile, computer interface can give it the power, it is also very affordable price, if you need more, you can contact our customer service, it will give you a better wholesale price.

jammer-buy 2018-03-24 gps cell phone jammers

For our GPS jammers can be tracking is so effective that I've tried a variety of solution to the track, but didn't get very good effect, since I saw the GPS tracking related information on the Internet, I can find the GPS jammers prevent GPS signal tracking, I will decisively search on the Internet GPS signal jammer monopoly store, so I found at that time the professional signal jammer sales web site, If you can't find your type here, you can use to contact their customer service give you custom make, I was also the custom, I have the multifunction signal jammer device easier to hide.

Boudur 2018-03-25 tracking jammers gps

I search on the Internet a lot about GPS jammers stores, according to your description, I found the sales of this product in the store only jammer-buy, other shops have more high-end, for military equipment or other areas. Of course, there are also high-end equipment for military use. But for your needs, here are some of the more portable, easy-to-hide products that you can use.On the jammer market has a variety of design of GPS jamming devices, most of them is to choose a hand-held, convenient their outdoor use, in addition the portable U disk GPS jammer is also very popular.Click here for more information on goods.

Porbay 2018-03-26 devices jammers gps

I also have the same question, I also need this high-tech product, if you find out where the sales are easy to hide and carry, U disk design products, can you contact me? You can post on and leave me a contact. In addition, you can get more knowledge and information about the jammer.

Yanlai 2018-03-26 informations jammers

I recommend jammer-buy store for you. I am their old customer. I get quality products here and are more competitive than the stores in the market. What's more, their service is very good, and the warranty and replacement of the products are very good. My friends who need a signal jammer around me, I would recommend to them, really a business of conscience. You need a usb stick to design a GPS jammer, they also have sales, if you are wholesale, they will give you a better price.

Westhor 2018-03-27 GPS jammers signal