Difficulties in prison management in Scotland

Prison management is a very difficult thing: some prisons have important prisoners, especially carelessness. Prison safety management in many countries has been also headaches, how does better to prison security and order and so on to conduct a comprehensive management become the primary problem of the prison managers face.
A pilot project to test mobile signal in Scotland prison intercept technology will in the next few weeks the two prisons, announced that the justice minister Kenny Max Kiel, wifi jammer can reduce the wireless signal
MacAskill is visiting HMP Shotts, one of the prisons chosen by the pilot, to see the installed technology and says the project needs to turn on the green light within weeks. Another trial prison is HMP Glenochil.
Cell phones are banned from prison because of concerns that while some prisoners use their Mobes to stay in touch with family and friends, others are used for criminal activities. Mobile use is linked to gang activity and organized crime as well as harassment and drug supply by victims in prisons.
Scotland has introduced legislation to allow prison staff to interfere with wireless signals in prisons to prevent prisoners from communicating with the outside world.
"The government has put detainees have a mobile phone as a criminal offence, the fact that the Scottish prison service sector has invested heavily in the use of technology and intelligence, and prevent the use of mobile phones in our prisons. Said I.
"This new legislation will allow SPS to further expand its technology to curb cell phone use by prisoners and should be in use within weeks."
Other Blighty jails may have to wait a while for similar jamming techniques, because the justice department has said the signal to stop all jails would be "too high".
Prison cell phone signal interference solutions
1. How to design and install mobile phone jammers in prison to avoid residential interference?
2. How to promote the installation of prison jammer when installing jammer in prison? How to reduce construction difficulty and save project cost?
3. In order to install the monitor in prison, some data should be provided.
As Romania has installed jammers in prisons to deal with cell phone fraud in the same way as in the fraud, this is very effective.