Worry about the effects of playing mobile phone? It can help you

Developed science and technology in modern society, people's life has entered the state of intelligent, mobile phones become necessary communication tools, people almost cannot leave the temptation of mobile phones is eat sleep, in fact this is a bad behavior, smartphones have severely affected people's life.How does a smartphone affect our lives? A new study in the us shows that parents' addiction to mobile phones may affect their relationship with their children. So what are the negative effects that parents have on their children?
Parents can have a direct impact on their children by playing with their mobile phones. Their children have strong ability to imitate. So you'd better not good to play for a long time in front of the child's cell phone, if you can't help, let your child also beguiled by the phone, you also need not worry too much, need cell phone jammers to help you correct the bad habit of children like to play with your mobile phone. Let them return to childlike innocence.
In reading an article, recently found that parents leave a message, said their children or themselves mobile phone games, you don't know how, with mobile phone games always headache problem, students and parents, however, said can't just an excuse for parents, sometimes is not busy social parties didn't come back in the middle of the night, you come home to watch TV, play with mobile phones. No one to accompany you after school, you can't go out to play during the holidays, what else can you do without your cell phone?
Children playing with mobile phones will not only have adverse effects on their eyes, but also may be affected by their spine development by staying in a fixed position for a long time. Parents play a mobile phone and ignore the feelings of children, children in order to compensate for the damage, may to crying, throwing things attract the attention of parents, may also use the mobile phone, playing games and other ways to amuse ourselves. This can seriously affect the relationship between parents and children. Some psychological experts said that parents playing with their children's mobile phones when they are with them are actually a kind of "cold violence" and emotional indifference to their children. Parents play a mobile phone for a long time, ignore and children communication will make children lack the warmth of family, in the past for a long time for a child's growth is very bad, good family environment may make children from now on mobile phone addiction, Internet addiction, affect their healthy growth.