Is your private date tracked?

In life, we will have a private meeting of more or less, this for us, it belongs to privacy, should not be questioned by anyone, even our closest people are sacred, but tend to be closest to you to track your personal date, our private date monitored environment, put us in a privacy commonly used monitoring equipment has what? In addition to bugs, there may be GPS trackers, spy cameras, drone surveillance, and so on.
In the film and TV series, we will often see various tracking phenomena, in the police and gangster movies, mainly between the police and the robbers, in the family, the husband and wife's tracking. It's all about knowing the other person's whereabouts and finding real evidence. In film and television play, we see the husband or the wife to track the whereabouts of the other party, looking for the other party may be evidence of infidelity, this could cause they don't have a private space, no private date, their freedom is limited by a certain.
In modern life, do you have tracking or tracking? Yes, there will also be tracking behavior around you, which may be traced back to the original, rather than the high-tech tracking device. With the development of science and technology, more of the following is currently using the GPS tracker, a reliance on GPS satellite signal tracking devices, as long as there is a GPS signal, you the whereabouts of no escape, moment within sight of installing the tracker.
Former Russian spy poisoning caused a heated discussion recently, poisoning event occurs on the eve of the victim's mobile GPS signal was interrupted for four hours, this is the cause of hot topics, according to the Russian satellite news agency web site reported on March 26, the Russian army general staff before the administration of intelligence agents, kerry and daughter yulia Pal in poisoning May Day in Salisbury, secret meeting with someone. Russian satellite news agency quoted the British media reports, poisoning, and the day the incident, Scripps parr and daughter cell phone GPS positioning with 4 hours without sending signals, panelists would not rule out this time two people's cell phone was turned off. There is a problem here. Can the phone be turned off to avoid GPS tracking? According to an official statement, the phone's GPS function can't be completely dodged, or it may be tracked. So what is the cause of the death of the victim's cellphone GPS signal? This is likely to be the use of GPS jammer to block GPS satellite signals.
In fact, in life, we always worry that our private date will be tracked, which is illegal for our privacy. We know that in the early days of the military, secret character joint look for ways to get rid of the track, in order to make the security of secret meetings, but that was not present when high-tech equipment tracker and jammers, mostly people tracking, which requires the secret meeting people increase their vigilance. With the development of technology and the prevalence of trackers, they use this kind of high-tech device tracking, which can have a better effect. So a lot of secret dating avoidance tracking relies on GPS jammer devices.
For our privacy protection, not only refers to our personal information protection, including a lot of our whereabouts, our safety is our privacy, this needs us to do a good job protection. Using high-tech equipment for protection will make you more secure.