Iraqi officers introduce Chinese high power drone combat

UAVs are widely used in the military and are very important military weapons for military activities. There are many ways to prevent unmanned aerial vehicles. UAV jamming has become the most important type. It can shield GPS signals , Will evade the tracking of missiles and protect the security of military bases. Drone  jammer and unmanned aerial vehicles for the military activities are very important application of the two indispensable.
Recently, the Iraqi Defense Ministry Information Center invited television stations to interview the Army Aviation's Rainbow-4 UAV unit to showcase this mysterious force in an all-round way.
"The Army Aviation Corps (Iraq) is currently using the Chinese-made Rainbow-4 UAV and has carried out more than 260 attacks against the key targets of IS terrorist groups, demonstrating the superb strike and detection capabilities of this UAV In addition, the UAV is equipped with state-of-the-art imaging equipment that monitors every move of the enemy and is a significant leap forward in the Army Aviation unit's equipment. "
Subsequently, the reporter interviewed a brigadier general. The Iraqi Brigade further introduces:
"The aircraft demonstrated its reliability in all the battles it participated in. The Rainbow-4 UAVs carry very precise weapons that can strike a variety of targets, especially car bombs, before the car bombs try to approach the target destroy."
"Although the UAV was not equipped by the Army Aviation Corps in 2014, it has demonstrated superb performance with many features including long flight durations, 100% hits and high quality surveillance equipment."
The reporter then interviewed a major Iraqi man and said: "The Rainbow-4 UAV is extremely capable and reliable and has played a prominent role in our battle to liberate Nineveh, Salahuddin and other places. The drone was also equipped with system-guided bombs such as GPS, which allowed us to strike a more precise target. "
Major also introduced: "Equipped with this UAV is a leap in our military equipment, this UAV can take risks in our case, the depth of the enemy."Drones are used not only in military warfare, but also in delivery and other areas.Drones jammer boost security.
"With the end of all military operations, Iraq has been freed from the dark cloud of terrorism. The UAV will still carry out reconnaissance missions on the Iraqi border tomorrow to guard against unexpected incidents."
The major also introduced: "This UAV has advanced technology and we are the first Middle East country to introduce this UAV technology. In addition to this UAV can be targeted against, but also the joint Intelligence reconnaissance. "
Finally, "This UAV is one of the factors that the Iraqi army won in the war on terror and stands ready to combat any hostile act that infringes on the security of Iraq's territory."