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As we all know, signal jammers in today's society is very popular, is widely used in the field, in addition to our daily known cell phone GPS signal jammers, as well as for different signal band signal interference devices. Such as car signal jammers, drone jammers, these are the current very popular jamming equipment.

Cell phone jammer to reduce cell phone noise

Mobile phone jammer is a kind of equipment that shields mobile phone signal, including gsm jammer, 3g jammer, 4g jammer and so on. The main purpose is to shield the phone signal, to prevent cell phone tapping track, cell phone noise and so on. With the development of science and technology, people will unify the signals disturbed by these cell phone jammers, and one device can interfere with many kinds of signals.

UAV jamming drone drones

UAVs are an important product of unmanned technology. UAVs have multiple uses that are very diverse in our lives and work, but what we know may not be as detailed. UAVs can carry cameras to take pictures of places we can not reach, giving us a new landscape experience. This is what we know as aerial photography. Of course, the drone's use goes far beyond this, and it has very important value, otherwise it will not be so popular and well-researched by people. Not only that, the UAV has its own unique application in all fields. For example, the UAVs we know are used in the military. The UAVs will be the most important combat weapons for people. They do not need people to operate on them and only need to pass Remote control to control, which is very important for the protection of personnel, and the UAV can replace people to reach more important position, speed and performance are more convenient than people. UAV reconnaissance can be very good access to enemy intelligence and rapid reporting to the command center, which is of great significance for military activities. UAVs are also widely used in agriculture. For large-scale farms, pesticide spraying has always been a headache for estate managers. Although many practical pipe-type sprays have been implemented with technological advances, the results are also good. There are many problems, such as uneven spraying, pipe clogging and so on. Spraying with a drone completely solves these problems. With the development of science and technology, UAV technology is more powerful, UAV life and many other aspects of performance are constantly improving. However, these drones also pose some minor problems for the public and may, in aerial photography, photograph the privacy of people in private spaces. Even some people use drones as a camera and surveillance tool, which is dangerous to our privacy. Therefore, UAV jammers are gradually being used by people.

GPS jammers avoid tracking

With the development of GPS tracking technology, people's personal safety is deeply threatened. They always have to beware that they are not being followed. Tracking is dangerous for their safety. Many people use GPS jammers to shield them from being tracked GPS signals, such maskers they can be used on the body can also be used in cars, where there may be a need for such a jammer device.

What car jammer equipment?

The car jammer is the instrument of a jammer car lock, and the news we hear about it is the criminals who use it to commit crimes. Use it as a theft tool, but it's not just the wrong use, it has a lot of good value.

How does a car jammer interfere with a car lock?

As the name implies, it disrupts the car and disrupts the car's normal lockup. It blocks the signal from the car's remote control by emitting high-frequency radio waves at 315-433 Hz. The car can not receive commands from the remote control can not lock the car. This is a downright criminal tool. As long as we deal with this kind of car disrupter, we are cautious and have the awareness of preventing theft. After the car is parked, the key lock will also make it impossible for criminals to start with.