Should students use mobile phones and how should schools ban them?

In recent years, with the development of science and technology and the launch of various intelligent applications, people have become more and more dependent on high-tech equipment. In restaurants, stations, subways, streets and other public places, groups of students in school uniforms huddled together, sometimes talking and Shouting, sometimes smiling without a word, staring at screens and laughing. Mobile phones, while bringing happiness and entertainment to everyone, are becoming a new killing device for the young generation.
In order to reduce the interference of electronic products on the growth of students and do not affect the mental development of minors, many countries have adopted measures to limit the use of electronic products. On July 30, 2018, the French national assembly voted to ban the use of mobile phones on the campuses of kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools, following bans in Italy, Greece and other countries. According to the new rules, primary and middle school students are not allowed to use mobile phones either in the classroom or in extracurricular activities, except for teaching purposes or for special needs of disabled children. And perhaps the best way to ban cell phones is to install cell phone jammer where they need to be banned.
Recently, the ministry of education and the national health and health commission jointly drafted the implementation plan of comprehensive prevention and control of child and adolescent myopia (draft for comments), which aroused the discussion of the ban on mobile phones in kindergartens, middle and primary schools. Students in kindergartens, middle and primary schools generally have mobile phones, and excessive use of mobile phones is one of the reasons for students' short sight.
A survey of 2012 respondents by the social survey center and questionnaire network showed that 80.5% of them said that they were surrounded by more minors who had entered school with mobile phones. Teenagers brought mobile phones to school, with 68.8 percent of respondents believing it would distract from class, and 56.0 percent believing it would cause vision loss and myopia. 76.4 percent of respondents supported the ban on mobile phones in kindergartens and primary and secondary schools.
Survey, 68.8% of respondents think students take phones will distract attention from 56.0% of respondents think can cause vision loss and myopia, other effects are: will be affected by the violence, pornography and other bad information (48.1%), the influence between physical activity (44.4%), students into "bow", affect personal safety (42.9%), and reduce the opportunities for students to real life interaction and dynamic (31.5%), and lead to peer, affect mental health (24.0%), etc.
Entering school with a mobile phone is obviously bad for young children. If necessary, children and teenagers can be equipped with a special mobile phone, the information on the adversary plane for screening and control. He advises schools to offer courses on online mental health education and mobile phone use education, handing out brochures when children enter school to guide students to use mobile phones properly.