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Admin 2018-07-04 gps

The latest generation of cars are now so equipped with GPS satellite navigation systems that drivers often don't even know the street name (or even the city!) when they get off the bus. They were found.

This means that not only do we know where we are and we have to go to the place of destination, and satellite system always know our position, can also do note that leverages observers, they may use the information against us.

So it can help make it hard to track down, for example, those who want to participate in private enterprise (ah, marital infidelity...) ), or if you work on behalf of the ministry of commerce for several companies do not want to know the two address one of the other side of the customer, or more simply, a want to take a nap after long time driving a truck driver.You can also use it in the car with a 4G cellular signal jammer. Equipped with the latest patch components and integrated circuits, mobile phones with advanced interference function, easy to install and use, can run continuously for a long time. Choose the correct position of the guard carefully to avoid corners.

Long-term stable operation guarantee. Therefore, the high temperature shell will not damage the machine. If you want to use a cell phone jammer to affect shielding to avoid a dead end, you need to take this into account.

For all these reasons, it may be take a useful GPS jammer, this is a simple link to 'a small device lighter of your car, it signals encoded interference with GPS receiving system, make it temporarily unable to his position of the satellite communication.

These interference waves, of course, do not harm human health, do not harm navigation systems in any way, and only prevent dialogue with satellites.Thanks to this system, it can ensure that it is not available at any time, and you can enjoy a bit of "peace, away from the need to connect forever, always visible, never really free!