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where can we buy gsm mobile jammer circuit?

We wanted to see if the jamming device could effectively block the signal,maybe you can tell me where can we buy GSM Mobile Jammer Circuit?

Hatem 2021-08-08 jammer cell


I ca tell you something.There seems to be a good reason to have a wifi signal jammer instead of hurting others. If you run into someone's trouble, you will definitely complain. In today's high-tech era, ubiquitous tracking, in a sense, there are real GSM Mobile Jammer Circuit, you can mute the tracking of any signal and keep your location confidential. If you encounter this situation, you need to use a wifi jammer. Smartphones have been used everywhere since the pirate attacks. Many people scramble to discuss personal, professional, or daily affairs in public places, which forces everyone to listen in their surroundings. For example, you can see mobile chat users everywhere, such as trains, subways, buses, grocery stores, shopping centers, and cafes.

Babaroy 2021-08-10 cell jammer

I can share may expirence with you.The reason is that the mobile phone jammer is lost within the signal range, and the reason is not known, only the receipt difference. All these factors have led some people to keep their secrets in their hands-a portable signal jammer can be kept in your pocket to easily avoid radio leaks, but you can also enjoy a quiet environment.Most mobile phones use 3G 4G signals, focusing on gsm jammer, and the shield moves 4G intelligence. We know that the mobile phone signal blocker is the mobile phone signal transmitted from the device in the mobile phone in the same frequency range, which will cause strong interference. 

Peter 2021-08-09 jammer cell