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Theatre installation of cell phone jammers ensures a viewer 's viewing experience

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How can I avoid by telephone harassment at the movie theater

I am tired of hearing the harassment of the phone ringing in the cinema, how can I stop the phone harassment?

Henghk 2018-02-15 cell phone harassment


The phenomenon of telephone harassment in cinemas is very familiar to people who often watch movies, and it also makes us very tired. How can you avoid it? You can ask the cinema managers put forward this kind of behavior should be banned, otherwise it will affect the viewer's viewing experience, really not line, you can carry a mini cell phone jammers prevent telephone harassment behavior.The best way to do this is to have the theater concert hall have install signal jammers.

Lerven 2018-03-19 cell phone jammers

According to the latest figures, the number of people watching movies in the cinema is increasing, and the box office is gradually increasing. Some international good-looking movies are playing several games almost every day. The film has become an important way for people to enjoy leisure and entertainment. I also often go to the theaters to watch the latest blockbuster, but every time I go to meet this or that, especially tired of some people in the movie theater is loud on the phone, the serious influence my viewing experience, it makes me very angry, so I decided to buy a mobile phone jammer on the net to prevent this kind of behavior.

Allen 2018-02-26 cell phone jammer

For your experience, I believe that many people experience this experience, and I have experienced it. When we watch a movie, someone else's phone call, loud speech is very influential to us to watch, and it is easy to destroy the atmosphere, suffer deeply. I was very angry at each of these things, but there was nothing I could do until I used a portable phone jammer. Into the cinema, I opened my carry cell phone jammer, they are in the process of watching movies, not received a phone call, would be no loud talking on the phone, the whole process very smooth, watch a great experience. If a movie theater is installed, then I don't have to carry my own equipment.

jammer-buy 2018-02-16 jammer cell phone

Similar situations happen to everyone, and not only in cinemas, but also in concert halls, theatres and libraries. This kind of behavior is really annoying. I also recommend using the phone jammer to maintain a good environment.

Alicer 2018-02-18 jammers

When you're watching a movie, if someone calls you loudly, you can start by telling him to speak in a smaller voice or to make a phone call outside. If he doesn't go, then you can't. But the next time you watch, you can carry a portable cell phone jammer, the prompt of the case, he didn't listen to, you can open the jammer, let him telephone suddenly does not work, interrupted, maybe he will call the outside. This kind of jammer you can adjust the range of interference so that too many people don't work.

Aiwenes 2018-02-21 cell phone

Watching movies in cinemas has become an important way of entertainment and entertainment, which ensures that a good viewing experience is the prerequisite for relaxation. Avoid the harassment of loud phone calls. The phone jammer is the tool you need. If the cinema is not installed, you can make Suggestions to the cinema. Or you can carry a mobile phone jammer in your hand to stop this uncivilized behavior.

Juolony 2018-02-23 What are some of the behaviors you hate in a movie theater?