Why is the jamming radius of the signal blocking jammer different

Here, we will talk about the working scope of jammers, which is one of the most controversial topics in the field of equipment in the Internet, and is the concern of most customers.

We know that each jamming device has a different blocking range which has already mentioned before. In general, the higher the power, the longer the jamming radius. And the higher the power, the bigger the size of the jammers, and they also need a cooling system. This is why desktop jammers generally have a greater range of interference than portable jammers. So, before you buy a jammer, you need to determine the type of jammers you need, and the jamming range you want. Both of them should be considered, then you can get what you want.

In the introduction of each jammer, we have stressed that the interference range of the jammer is only for reference, please prevail on the actual situation. Jamming range depends on the local signal strength. Here, we will try to explain why the manufacturer's working scope is often different from the actual fact.

At the beginning, when the jammer is made, it will be tested. There are many necessary tests, such as battery life, transmission frequency, etc, including test jamming radius. The manufacturer always thinks that the test results are more effective than the actual range because these devices are often tested on empty fields. You know that buildings and different concrete structures can hinder the transmission of signals. And most of us live in big cities, we are surrounded by high-rise buildings. While the local mobile phone signal strength is also a factor of the impact. That's why you do not have to be surprised if your jamming device can not block the phone at a distance of 30 meters from you.

Of course, you do not have to worry about the gps jammers that did not meet your requirements. Because there are many different types of signal jammers here in www.jammer-buy.com. You can get what you want according to your situation. Such as a general portable jammer, they have a very decent working range, especially if your main goal is to stop people in the surrounding area. I think they have reached 5 meters, which is enough, especially if you are now on the bus, you want people to shut up for a minute or two. Such a device will definitely help you.

Now you have should already understood why the working range of jammers we have mentioned is not the same as the actual working scope. This is not difficult to understand. Of course, if you need the exact range of jammers, and worry about the range is not enough, you can consult us and we will give you advice.