Stop students use cell phone in class by cell phone jammers

Why do schools use cell phone jammers?

Now the cell phones have been widely used, even a 3 years old child can use the phone. So when you see the students in the school to play phone and other electronic products,you should not be surprised. This is because the family wants to contact their children easily, or give the phone to the children as an entertainment tool. But there is no doubt that children are easily obsessed with the phone that has caused the attention of the world.

As minors, their minds are not yet ripe and are more susceptible to temptations, especially addicted to phone games. Because of neglect of discipline, many children indulge in the phone. For those who are obsessed with the phone, they are more likely to waste the time when they should learn. In class, they will secretly hold a cell phone and chat with their friends or play mobile games. Extracurricular, some students no longer exercise or participate in outdoor activities. They do their own thing with a cell phone. These have seriously affected the child's learning and health.

How to deal with this situation?

For parents, they should control the time of the children's using mobile phones and other electronic products, the most important thing is to develop children's interest.

And it is controversial for schools to allow students to bring smartphones and electronics into school, and whether they can install wireless jammers at school to prevent students from secretly using their mobile phones. We know that there are many schools are forbidden students with mobile phones, but this is not convenient for parents.And some students can secretly take a cell phone,and the school can not find out. At the same time, the teacher is limited, and can not manage every student. So is it time to consider using cell phone jammer?

More importantly, more and more students are using smart phones and electronic products in the exam cheating. Because they do not listen carefully to teachers in the classroom, they spend too much time playing smart phones and electronic products, rather than doing homework and learning tests. To pass the exam, some of them have no choice but turn to cheating. Smartphones are the best tool for searching for information and interrelated. As a result, smartphones and electronics are the recipients of students' cheating.

So the jammers can become a way of prohibiting students from using the phone. But some people worry about how to do when face an emergency situation, and how to contact with parents. In response to this, managers should discuss about it and consider the law. But there is no doubt that if gsm jammers are used normally, they can of course help teachers and students.