What is a cellphone signal jammer

Cell phone jammers you can see related news and information on the Internet, or the use of this equipment you exist. So what do you know about this kind of phone signal scrambler? What are their working principles and uses? I think what you care more about is its use of legal issues.

If you suffered severe mobile phone ringing, they may be from harassing phone calls, also may be from the people around you, they are on the phone's voice is very big, has a serious noise interference on the surrounding environment. We all can't stand this uncivilized, this cheating behavior, so we only need to mobile phone jammer, it is the mobile phone signal spectrum signal interference shielding equipment, mainly produces radio waves are similar to that of block, cell phone can't receive the correct signal spectrum information, enabling will not work properly.

We have heard that a man used a "cell phone jammer" on the subway station so he could get peace. Well, the question was on almost all lips: What is a cell phone jammer?
Frequency disorders can be benign or malignant. The police and the military often use congestion to limit or interfere with communication during hostage situations, bomb attacks, or when military action is underway. Cheats were used less cheerfully to disturb the first change in peaceful protests.

First,if you want know more phone jammer information,you can click the link. As for the use of mobile phone jammers area because of its function, where need to ban cell phone use, where you may need to use, and we are the most familiar place is school, prison, church, meeting rooms, etc. However, with the increasing of the intelligent mobile phones popularization and abuse, the use of this equipment is also more and more signal jammers, including private use jammer cases in sharp growth, people suffered severe ringtones to bring trouble. I believe that with the increase in the number of uncivilised mobile phones, there will be more demand for mobile jammers in the future, and this kind of jammer will be more obvious in its function and signal shield type.
But how does a mobile phone jammer work? Well, they use antennas to send radio waves in the same frequencies that use mobile phones. This leads to a sufficient impairment of mobile phones in the immediate vicinity of a mobile telephone jammer (which can be useless from 12 feet up to five miles depending on the type). Newer devices are tiny and often disguised as cigarette packs.
On the one hand, mobile phone disturbances in everyday life can look like a pretty good idea: who wants to sit next to someone on the train who goes to their doctor about the gross details of their last stool? Would not you work in the library or at your job if you had never had your best friend every two minutes?
But sometimes it's bad when you use the blockers. Because they can block emergency signals. The man on the bus in Philly probably did not think about what would happen if the sky forbade his bus to crash and someone needed to call for help. If your boss used a WiFi Jammer in your workplace and your business was deprived, it would not be a good situation!
So the jammer should be used properly and only that we can benefit from this gadget.