Using signal blockers in daily need attention these matters

Perhaps we should all know that in many countries are no clear legal provisions about the signal jammer device, but for our use, we should also know about the relevant matters needing attention, including the protection of equipment performance, and where can I use, avoid using signal because blockers do harm to others, etc.Signal jammers in our most common to the mobile phone signal jammer, and GPS satellite positioning jammers is a ban on cell phone use, prevent the occurrence of harassing phone calls, banning cell phone rings. The other is to protect the vehicle's whereabouts, avoid tracking, and protect the privacy of the location.

In online sales of interference signal jammers marked radius may be associated with the specific place you use, sometimes can not achieve the desired range, which may be affected by the surrounding environment. In countries don't allow personal use jammer, you should be used for signal jammers are privacy, easy to carry and covert jammer use of more convenient for you, it can protect your privacy.

Based on years of customer feedback and our experience, here show some details about what you should be careful of when using a jammer blocker.Please read carefully.

Please note:

1. Ensure that the antenna and other accessories are installed correctly;

2. To ensure adequate power, handheld indicator light turns yellow or red means that power drops, shielding effect will be not that good as usual;

3. Make sure to leave the mobile base station more than 200 meters;

4.Shielding effect depends on the surrounding environment, the effect of cell phone jammer used in suburban is better than in the city, because the density of city mobile base station is bigger , base station distance is relatively close, resulting in the city moving base station launch signal (what the jammer need to block) is stronger than the suburbs many times;

5. When using the jammer, around the antenna and between the jammer and the phone there should not be any metal objects and wall shelter which can block the signals transmitting;

6. Strong magnetic field, strong electromagnetic wave environment will affect the use of jamming results;

7.The installation height of the jammer is as much as possible in the same level with the devices you want to jam ;

8. The long time use of the jammer can causes high heat and affect the jamming radius;

9.The jammer is not easy to block the signals when the phone is in the call (the signal is very strong when in the call);

10. Radio waves emitted by the blocker is a high-energy material, high-energy material aggregation that leads to machine fever is a normal phenomenon;

11. The signal on the phone indicates that the refresh of the grid has a certain lag, you maybe already open the jammer but the phone still shows the signal situation, but in fact the phone can not be used, please follow the actual effect;

12. To detect the function of gps jammer, please download the GPS signal detection software test shielding effect, or open the car navigation function test;

13. The devices with the WIFI jamming function will also block other electrical appliances with WIFI, such as wireless microphone, speakers, monitoring and so on.

Attention of portable jammer:

1. It is forbidden to charge while using at the same time. when used, do not charge, do not use when charging;

2. It is forbidden to use when the portable jammers have used for a long time,not as much as the desktop jammer.

Attention of all jammers:

It is forbidden to open when there is no antenna.

Car jammer:

Do not use the jammer before you start your car, first start the car and then plug in the shielding device (car start instantaneous current is particularly powerful and it's easy to burn the jammer).