Driving using phone jammer keep safety

According to the news, the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission was considering the proposal to install a gsm jammers on taxis and limousines to keep the driver out of the phone and pay attention to the road. They intend to use jammers with a small working range.Due to the limited range of jammers, the proposal states that passengers can still call from the rear seat. The driver is of course against it, claiming that the phone is vital to their work.

What do you think?

Obviously, the purpose of this proposal is good, that is, let the driver do not use the phone in the driving time. Because it is reported that many car accidents are due to the driver's using cell phone in the car, affecting the attention. And many drivers used to pick up the phone when driving, although it is very dangerous. Mobile phone jammer can shield the phone signal to avoid the driver picking up the phone, which of course the purpose is good.

When in the actual situation, as most drivers are reluctant to install cell phone jammer in the car. Because it will affect the emergency situation. But imagine a situation, if it's possible that when the car moves, the jammer is opened, so the driver can not use the phone when driving the car. And once the car stops, the phone jammer can be closed, so that it will not affect the time to use the phone. However, it seems that there is a problem, that is, when the car in the process of emergency situations how to deal with that? I think, it can set an emergency button for an emergency alarm.When turn on the button,it can turn off the phone jammer and then allow the use of telephone. What do think of the idea?

Of course, there may be some other problems. Driving to see the phone is one of the causes of traffic accidents.However, using mobile phone like texting or having a call when driving is clearly a dangerous decision. No matter what, to avoid this, jammer blocker can be considered.