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Super high power cell phone jammer is of great significance in the military.

Powerful signal jammers are best war weapons

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A cell phone jammer is a device that can block a cell phone signal to a certain extent. This is very effective in creating a private space that prohibits anyone from using a mobile phone in that area. The device achieves this by transmitting the same frequency as the mobile connection, thus producing strong interference. Mobile users will receive public notifications from weak signals and will not be able to make or receive calls within the range of interference. Unless the user is aware of the interference, he or she will see it as a common signal defect, a common problem for all mobile operators.

However, not everyone can use such equipment without permission from the authorities. It can range in size from a small cell phone as a device to something as big as a briefcase. The dead zone ranges from about 100 feet (30 meters) to a mile (1.6 kilometers) radius. In the United States, the federal communications commission considers unauthorized signal interference a form of property theft. But no one at the FCC is responsible for making and selling the device. Military, law enforcement and other government agencies often use them for various purposes.

Paris in June. Some people come to shopping, the museum, the sidewalk cafe, the romantic evening stroll in the city of light. Then there was a group of people looking at the atmosphere of European hangars and asphalt, a huge biennial military bazaar that straddled the exhibition space near Charles airport. Charles DE gaulle. The exhibition is intended to be a showcase for European ground systems, but it is also the best practical site for the latest technology and innovation in Israel's often secretive defence industry.
Netline communication technology company, based in tel aviv won "now for something completely different" award, it shows the history to prevent improvised explosive devices and one of the smallest jammers. On the counter of the company's modest booth is a portable jammer, a circular object the size and shape of a medieval grenade intended for urban space. For the control of foreign direct investment (fdi), "urban operation because in the local, crowded street access problems and crowded buildings, as well as the need to wifi jammer, because conventional antenna will not be able to run," said rowling haim - Cayzer, Netline director. Enter PJP, which can be deployed on a window (for example, before an invasion) or in an alley (for example, before a patrol) using the Mark I grenade. But if you need to throw it on or above this three-story block, it's best to hand it over to your team's former high school pitcher, who still weighs 2.5 pounds.
After NATO customers asked for a "hand-sized" telephone jammer, Netline developed PJP, special forces and other elite units that could be carried in urban operations, haim-cayzer said. To make something small enough to cut a belt, engineers had to miniaturize the existing interference module and print the antenna onto a circuit board inside the device. The designer used a rubber cushioning system to absorb the impact. Since rechargeable batteries can take off for an average of 30 minutes, they can cause overheating problems. As a result, engineers added heat-absorbing components to the battery's internal compartments.
At the scene, the user opened the PJP by pulling his security clasp, a grenade. After landing, the jammer oscillates vertically and launches "trons" to disrupt any nearby communications devices used as remote IED triggers, such as mobile phones operated by juries. Technical support has previously programmed the device (which plugs into a laptop) to block specific channels and set other parameters that are appropriate for the task. If all goes well, users can pick it up and take it home to reprogram the next task.

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